Thursday, 3 October 2013

Gone too Long

So yes it’s been forever since I have blogged about anything.  What a whore I am?  It’s not like I have anything better to do.  It’s not like you will be getting some big update on some amazing love affair that has swept me away to Europe for months where I have lost 100 lbs eating fresh croissants and making love in fancy hotels.  Trust me.  That has not been happening.

I’m not sure what is up my ass when it comes to sticking to writing out a topic.  I have started many topics from news events, funny situations and some deep thought shit but never seem to finish.  As I write this I don’t know where it’s going.  I don’t really care about anything that much to rant about it so really this could be very short or very confusing.  Either way thanks for sticking it out and coming back to see if I give a shit about anything.
I guess I don’t give a shit about anything.  I’ve noticed this about myself.  I keep laughing at my lack of give a shit when it comes to the gays.  The gay community is starting to look like a swat team of haters.  One person from a company or group says something half shitty about gays and all of a sudden we get in a group like a pack of wolves going after a bunny.  “Don’t eat that pasta, the CEO says gays suck.”  This time of year my mother and I are still not sure if we can go to Trails End because someone who worked there gave a trans person a hard time.  Fairly sure we both want to go before the weather gets to shitty but as a gay will I be given a hard time by other gays?  When do we get to the point where we can say “We cool now?”

I do admire the young gays who have too much time and energy to hop it a car with ready-made signs, a cooler full of snacks and 50 of their closest friends and ex’s ready to voice an opinion on a cold corner.  I’ve never done anything like that.  Years ago I did go to Take Back the Night but it was to get laid.  Sadly I didn’t know the theme of Take Back the Night so needless to say the woman that I was seeing at the time was not in the mood after a night remembering dead women.  Fair.  I see that now.  Then I was a little put off.

This summer I skipped gay pride in favor of napping and working on the house.  Ok, I just napped but in my defense it was hot and I was not in the mood for that many people.  The year before I was forced and didn’t fully mind once I got there.  I guess I didn’t want the half my boob sun burn and full head burn but it did feel good to celebrate my penis in vagina free life with so many people who were fine with that. 
I’m just not a mob mentality person.  If you hate gays then that’s on you.  If the makers of Tim Tams or some other product I loved said “We hate fat lesbians in golf shirts” then I might have an issues but honestly I can separate the product from an over paid douche who runs the company.  Maybe it’s the introvert in me but sometimes the best way to show someone you could care less about their comments is to care less about their comments and more about living a great life without anyone’s approval.