Sunday, 8 January 2012

Who am I becoming?

I've been a little starved for something to write about recently but today I had a bit of a truma.  Food wise...I have all my fingers.

So, I decided to take out this chicken I had in the freezer and have a nice Sunday chicken dinner with lots of veggies.  Before my nap I put the chicken in the oven all nicely seasoned with some cumin (a spice I descovered on my own and much like a few places on a woman's body greatly underused) and pepper.  When I got up from my nap I added some beautiful white potatoes and some roasted carrots.  I was in a hurry.  

Now, I pride myself in my abilty to be able to carve or hack up a roast or chicken with much grace and respect.  This bird was not having it.  It was holding on to it's meat like no tomorrow.  I used 3 knives, then tried to pry pieces away from the bone.  Total shit show.  Finally I get this poor bird cut up and I try some.  Little...chewy?  Its' hard to express but I checked that it was cooked well but not over done.  The taste was slightly salty.  I figured since I had not had meet in about 5 days this could be just one of my weirdo hormonal things.  

So, with my very beautiful potatoes and wonderful carrots I dig in to my chicken.  Two bites and I was done.  Despite that it was the worst chicken I had ever made I just couldn't eat it.  Fred was right beside me waiting for his share of chicken, a bad habit I created for both of us.  He had one little piece and was done with it too!  I guess he wasn't totally asleep when we watched Forks over Knives.  

Even over Christmas meat was hard to eat.  I think my mind has changed along with my attitudes about meat.  I don't think I would ever give it up or anything like that.  I just think it's going to be for special occations.  The way I'm feeling it will be only on Jewish holidays but still.

This week I'm going to for sure order the 2nd Forks over Knives cookbook and see what I can learn.  I've not gone near my scale since Aunt Rosie Red Pants has moved in for a few days and I don't need the pressure and disappointment all at once. 

I'm finally craving some cake.  Just sayin.


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