Saturday, 31 December 2011

A sign...

New Years Eve.  I wasn't going to blog tonight.  Mostly because who's the lame chick who is sitting at home alone in her pink and black checked PJ pants listening to a mix of music from Jann Arden to Kenny Rogers drinking diet coke.  Yes Shaun, I know all the words of Islands in the Stream and don't pretend you don't either.  

So I have been all about going with my gut and seeing where life is pointing me the last month or so.  It's been nice to put my energy to new places.  In February I am doing some life coach Womyn on Womyn thing (no one will be going down on me so...) where women provide life coaching and help reaching a goal.  It's 50 bucks for 13 weeks and to be honest it's basically free considering if I was to pay some professional bitch to listen to me rant about my issues it would be really pricey.  (I know the lunch room at work is free Katherine...still.)

Anyway, there have been many signs for the longest time for me to deal with my weight.  I've had chances and looked the other way.  I'm not going to get really deep on this because no one needs that but I was thinking today that if life were a series of movies I would be the supportive fat best friend.  Think about it.  They have the best jokes, blend in the background until they are needed for some comic relief and then back they go.  This has been my life.  I think back as far as public school and that was me.  Best Friend in a Supporting Role.  Now that I think about things...I have hidden in that role for years and been far too comfortable in it.

So aside from gaining weight I lost and the usual weight loss I keep getting signs.  Let's list them off.  (Get a drink Katherine)  I'm missing some but these are newish and what I can remember.

1.  Idea to not eat meat for a month.  During the no meat time...I felt better.
2.  Super Size me movie gave me a good scare about fast food.
3.  Ricardo told me to watch Food Inc.  Changed my view of meat and how we view our food and such.
4.  Co-worker gave me the movie Forks over Knives.  This could be a blog on it's own but in a long and short of it they didn't bash treatment of animals but the proof that eating a meat and animal product free diet works wonders on your system and can reverse some bad effects of a diet with meat.  Fun nerd fact about me, I love anything WW2.  There were some statistics about Norway and the Nazi's that made me pay attention.  This was my hook.
5.  Ordered the book from Forks over Knives and got major support from friend about a change.

This last one is a piss your pants kind of WTF sign.  So a student who used to work with us is on my FB and thinks I'm great.  So she and her partner wanted to set up a friendship with a co-worker friend and I.  I creep this person on FB and find that she looks like someone but I can't place it.  Then after messaging with my friend she reminds me.  She was on a low budget Canadian weight loss show that I watched every episode of.'s a bit of a weirdo sign but come on!  If people from Canadian weight loss shows are coming into my life...fucking sign!

So be ready for hardcore Rhonda in the new year.  Going to be eating about 90% less meat and almost nothing from animals.  I know...I'm not saying it will be perfect but I've got some huge plans for the rest of my life.  I'm guessing the next 6 months will start with me being a huge cranky bitch wishing she could eat bacon every second...but after that we could be good??

Here is to not looking back and judging ourselves too harshly.  


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