Saturday, 17 December 2011

Time of year...

I really used to love Christmas and all the stuff that went with it.  The tree, food, family and friends.  To be honest, getting stuff was a good deal too.  I don't know fully when that changed.  I think maybe when my Nana died.  She was fun at Christmas.  I remember spending Christmas eve with her to put the turkey in late for her.  It was that fuckin huge and heavy.  Nana could cook the shit out of a turkey and make roasted potatoes that should have been put on a food show with chef's asking in a very over dramatic way "How does she do that?"  I've tried to roast a potato the way she did...not even close.

The last few years I've been overwhelmed with getting my parents (who do a ton for me all year round) the right gifts.  That never fuckin works out.  This year...
Ok, so my mother hinted to me she and Dad wanted a good coffee maker with a thermos so they could take it downstairs.  So, off I go and get a 100 dollar one at Walmart.  Can I just say I don't even drink coffee due to the scoots.  Anyway, then I see a better one 50 bones cheaper at the Bay online.  So I get that one also thinking I would take the Walmart one back.  Then I am in a store telling my mom about this amazing TV deal and she tells me that she and my father got themselves a new coffee maker when they went to the states.  I've never wanted to punch her in the face more.  "I didn't think you would get us one," was her response to that.  "Well Ma, I've got you two so far."  This is so going to effect me changing their diapers.

I'm not a great shopper.  I hate it.  I can find great things for myself and to be honest I do pick a few things up for myself this time of year.  I got myself a super mega awesome deal on a big screen TV that I will tell anyone about if they move slowly enough.  I was due to get a TV that was a good size and didn't make a loud buzz when it was on.

This year, well I've not been close with the kids in my life.  That could have something do with my mood this year.  Due to "life" the last month has been very hard but also opened my eyes to this next phase of my life.  

Just between us I'm a little worried about the new year.  I've signed up for this free women on women (spelled extra lesbian womyn) course in February.  I wish it was some hard core once a week rug munching but sadly its a life coaching thing.  I know...sounds lame but I think having someone to account for my "self work" would be good.  I'd still rather have my rug munched.

I have a nasty cold right now so many that is making me all sassy tonight.  Who knows.  All I do now is that right now I'm far to content being alone.  I did put up a little tree and am addicted to the fire place channel.  Sitting on the sofa with a book petting my cat (not vagina) seems to be all I want to do.

I'm guessing I will blog more this week...

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