Sunday, 12 August 2012

Meat Free???

So for the last few weeks I've been slightly in my own world trying to get the diabetes under control, figure out my eating and loose some weight.  It's been going fairly well considering all this feels semi new to me.  I've managed to not eat meat for a month.  Well, I did have some chicken breast on a salad and there might have been another time or two.  But I'm really off meat (mostly) dairy always, and now sweets.  WTF? 

So, after not eating meat for about a full week and some good weight loss news at the doctors I decided to go and get some on sale chicken breasts yesterday.  After my usual Saturday nap I cleaned them and put them in the oven.  About 15 minutes in I could hardly stand the smell of them cooking, I was almost gagging and had to open a window.  Seriously?  Maybe I should have BBQ'd them?  That was my mothers suggestion when I told her.  Either way, I think things have changed.  When I went to eat I could only eat about half of the one cooked for dinner.  I ended up tossing everything left.  So gross. 

I got to thinking last night when I was craving frozen yogurt that maybe my poor pallet has changed.  Maybe I am now over the meat and dairy.  Or maybe I feel so much better that I finally get that I just can't eat these things anymore. 

I wonder how I would feel about chicken wings?

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