Friday, 14 September 2012

Nice girls finish when??

So, I have a theory.  I've had this theory for a good while now and it took a friend to remind me about it.  Here goes.

I don't believe that two nice people can be together.  Let me explain nice people or people who are all "That's not true!"  It fuckin is true and I'm going to explain why.  In life you have bitches and the "nice guy" types.  Now I do think the saying "nice guys finish last" is very true.  Why?  Because when you are a nice guy or girl you put peoples needs in front of your own.  You tend to be maybe a little too respectful showing the less than passionate person that is really in there.  So, the asshole who is clear and is able to be assertive when he wants something comes off as passionate and deep with the girl.  Example of asshole "Hi, you are gorgeous.  Can't help but notice that smile."  (I'm a nice girl so I'm not saying tits.)  Nice guy, "Hi, beautiful day isn't it.  Are you in line for coffee?"  Now, people like to hear about themselves, so nice guy is trying to make conversation while asshole is right up there front in center making sure the girl knows she's been noticed.  Girl is thinking "Wow, this guy is confident and strong."  Nice guy comes off as a guy just talking.  Now, for all we know nice guy is very passionate and confident.  Or whatever this girl is looking for.  He's just not going to bust it out the first 20 seconds.  Why be attracted to someone so nice?

Ok, if you think I'm talking out of my ass then that is fine.  I however have some other examples of couples that work because someone has to be the bitch.  (And I don't just mean women are the bitch.  Anyone can be a bitch.)  So think about this, you can't have two nice people in a couple.  Why?  Everyone would be asking them for help.  Little tip about nice people.  We never say no.  So, you have two nice people together not saying no then you have basically two people out there helping people to the point of exhaustion.  Think about it.  If one spouse is the bitch they can say "you are not doing that, you worked all week and you can't spend the rest of the weekend helping them move again.  Sorry, tell them no."  Amazing.  The bitch lets you have free time and it's not your fault!  You don't have to feel bad.  Bitches usually have much bigger shoulders and don't mind saying no.  Nice people...who fear it and then if we do say it, we have anxiety about it for days.

I have been told a few times that I'm a nice person.  So I was thinking about the women I have chosen to keep company with.  I don't want to name names but I have dated three nice women.  One is dead, one just got married to someone else (I'm so fine with this) and the other moved away before we could grow bored of each other.  The others were good people, but they were bitches.  I'm not saying at all being a bitch is a bad thing.  Life is all about balance.  I'm just trying to prove my point.

Everyone wants to think they are a nice person and that's fair.  But, I would much rather be the bitch.  If I was a bitch I would be fine with telling it like it is, showing my passions outwardly and not being so worried what people think of me.  I admire bitches.  I think secretly I've always been attracted to what I'm not, a strong woman who speaks her mind.  I asked for someone nice a while ago.  I don't know if I'm open yet to receive what I've asked for.  I just hope I don't miss it and finish last again. 

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