Sunday, 2 September 2012

Stress Meat

So I fell off the meat wagon.  It's been a rough month and now that Summer Jobs is done at work I took some extra time off to relax before the long weekend. Why wouldn't I get in a fight with my father?  I was already on edge from my Uncle Jimmy dying then my father and his "issues"  Had to press my buttons.  I do have to say that thanks to my little assertiveness deal I stuck up for myself.  I get that we are all supose to respect our parents but I'm old and I'm not going to be picked on in my own house. 

Needless to say after that I was upset and after buying a new house (it's a long story) I made my way to Wendy's and had both beef and bacon.  I'm not proud of my tasty mistake.  But it seems when I get upset I turn to meat now.  Today, I feel not the best and last night I was congested.

I guess we all have things that send us over the edge.  I'm working hard at not emotionally eating.  I really don't have a choice anymore since I have the beats.  Still.  I've been trying to keep my cool and enjoy this weekend non the less.  I was up at 7 doing laundry to hang out on the line and am now sitting in a pair of very ugly men's boxers drinking a tea.  I really don't know when I became this person, who is so happy and content with my life.  Weird as it is at times.  I am very happy.

I might right later.  Right now I need to enjoy wearing nothing but boxers and thinking about going outside to work on my yard.

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