Sunday, 16 September 2012


The weather changing has made the nights chilly so I went up to the storage room and got down the good duvet.  For the last two night I've managed to spend my night under what I like to call the fluffy pillows of wonderful warmth. It's almost like being held by a warm lady friend on a cold night...from what I can recall. 

I've managed to enjoy some hot tea and think about life stuff.  It's one of those Sunday's when in the past I would have had the oven going all day with a chicken or a roast.  Today I'm thinking about putting a potatoe or some squash in the oven.  It doesn't feel the same as busting out a chicken or something a little...meaty.  I do feel great not eating any meat or dairy but there is that comfort food factor I can't seem to fully get over just yet.  I am not at the point where I am busting out these amazing vegan or vegitarian comfort food meals that fill the house with these amazing smells.  I need to get to that point fairly soon. Considering I am on this whole putting my health first deal cooking a huge wonderful smelling hunk of meat is not going to be happening.  I do love a good roast meal.  I wish I could make roasted potatoes like my Nana.  She used to get them all dark and wonderful on the outside.  I miss my Nana.

I napped today and woke up thinking of everything I want to do this fall to the main floor of the house.  I've had this insane urge to change my living room around for about two weeks now.  The sofa has been mostly in the same spot since I moved here but there is part of me that wants to say fuck it.  Just because it's "suppose" to go on that wall doesn't mean it has to.  Kind of like eating meat.  Just because I've always done it doesn't mean I still have to.  If I can only find a way to move my TV without 200 cables everywhere. 

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