Monday, 11 March 2013

Chelsea Handler and the truth

Today being Monday and me being unemployed it feels like Sunday.  I know.  Don't hate me.  With the dreary rain outside it's a perfect day for a Sunday.  It's even March Break so the kids across the street at the school are gone.  Lucky for me the people next door seem to keep their kids in the house all the time so it should be a quiet few days.  Basement girl is even gone so I'm shirt free without the fear of being caught.  This is livin.

I've had another interview that went well so I'm back to waiting to hear back.  I don't know how I feel about taking just a short contract but it's something and in this economy with this lack of formal education it's not anything I can pass up.  I want to stay in social services supporting people but the not for profit game is a cold mistress when it comes down to funding and such.  Still, I would rather do something I love that makes some difference in the world then push papers all day. But for those of you who push papers...push away.

I had a thought the other day how interesting it would be to just do contracts around the city at not for profits.  3 months at each kind of in a pool of people wanting to go somewhere new but stay in the same sort of work.  With the burn out rate so high people could feel like they are in a new job everywhere they go learning new things about other agencies.  Again, brilliant idea on my part. 

I actually opted to skip Walking Dead last night and watch Oprah interview Chelsea Handler.  As someone who has read almost all her books and loves a few comedian writers on her show I just had to.  Despite her getting slagged for sleeping her way to the top I think she is actually one of the most talented comedians out there.  She tells it like it is.  I'm just starting to write jokes and this blog but the one thing I struggle with is being mean.  I love how she can talk about her personal life that is real with just a whiff of poking fun at those in it.  Honestly, I worry about what people think too much and that will be holding me back with writing and comedy.  My personal life is hilarious.  From who I've dated to who I've wanted to date.  How can I not talk about my hilarity with muddling around this life and who I meet along the way. 

Now, in reading that a few people probably just tightened up anally and are now scared and that is fair.  If you can't laugh at life...what can you laugh at.  I don't think I would ever make fun of anything super personal like an abortion or accidentally blowing your boss for a raise.  However for the sake of being real and facing the good and bad...I'm not going to leave too much out.  I don't run from my life or the challenges in it.  I might hide behind a bush for a minute and regroup but this chunky monkey is not going to hide for long.

I think people don't know what to do with people like Chelsea Handler.  They speak their minds, opinions and truths in a way that you have to laugh at.  I do the best I can with that myself but sometimes, like the rest of the world I fuck it up.  That's where the fun part comes in.  You kind of can't make fun of someones truth when they are living it.  Now...if you are busy running from your life and hiding behind everything that will stand still long enough for you not to be living your can bet I'm going to make fun of that shit.  ;-)

Remember one of my favourite sayings.  Life is too short and no one gets out alive. 
Enjoy life and have a laugh.  My dream is to find my own place to make people smile.  What's yours?

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