Wednesday, 15 May 2013

News Slaughter

I’m being a total hypocrite but when did our culture feel the urge to share everything with everyone?  I was watching a clip of one of the late night TV hosts talking about CNN and it made me really think.  The clip in question had Nancy Grace talking to another reporter.  Both were in parking lots reporting but the other reporter claimed to be in Arizona.  If you were watching a bus went by in the background behind Nancy and 5 seconds later the same bus when behind the other reporter.  They were about 15 feet away from each other in the same parking lot.  In the same city.  For Christ sake CNN.  The late night host accused CNN of something called News Slaughter.  Basically meaning they slaughter us with ever piece of detail, useless or otherwise about a news story.  Case in point when someone is murdered we get dramatic reenactments, an exact replica of the crime scene recreated and every expert in the world talking about people they have never met.  HLN and CNN have hours of news based a few details and interviews with people who have nothing to do with the case at hand.  I’m sure if I ever kill anyone Cliff the ginger kid from grade 3 will be on TV going on and on about how I switched his lunch pail for mine that was full of mold and fruit flies thus making the entire class think he was gross.  Yes, this could have been a turning point in life making me a horrible person. 

I won’t lie.  I have read too much on those 3 girls found in Cleveland.  10 years held captive and raped.  I don’t even understand how someone could do that to three girls and allowing a little girl to be raised in those conditions.  Now that these girls are “free” lets have every detail of their 10 years being raped by some gross old guy.  What the fuck do you think happened people?!  He kidnapped them so they could just hang out, read and do crosswords?  Come on.  Do we need to know?  I think we can all assume.  The thing that got me angry was the little girl born in captivity.  Now she is “free” also but at some point she will learn to goggle and all her little friends will learn to google so they can learn all about how her bio father is a creepy rapist.  Thanks for the heads up.  I do have to give Germany or one of those European countries credit.  When the guy had built his daughter some creepy hidden apartment and raped her for 20 years.  She had 7 kids.  Well Germany or wherever stepped up and gave her a new identity and moved her away.  Thank you!  Way to give that girl and her children a life that does not involve answering questions and providing updates we don’t need for the rest of her life.

I used to love a good true crime book or show.  I miss the old school shows on A&E and a good murder mystery movie.  Seriously who did not grow up Sunday’s watching Columbo and McMillan and wife?  These days we have to know everything.  We sit and watch Nancy Grace or pick up a book hoping we get to hear all about the details involving everyday life and sex.  It’s almost that it’s our right to know exactly what happened.  For some reason it made me angry that the world got the results on the DNA test done on the poor little girl in the Cleveland case.  No shit she was fathered by him.  Do we need proof and more importantly does the world need to know?  I’m shocked we were not given the detailed metal records of them all after they were checked out at the hospital.  Honestly!  That will be next.  No shit they were pregnant multiple times.  I don’t think someone that crazy would wear a condom or have some sort of system in place.  But for some reason we need to hear it, see it and feel it via everyone connected or not to the case.  For what? 

It used to make me think when they talked about JFK being shot on TV.  Who hasn't seen the tape of him getting his head blown off about 100 times in their lives.  It’s part of who we are now.  I used to think about his kids.  JKF Jr (who I loved) could just turn on the TV and see it.  No warning at times.  Now how would you like to be turning on your TV and with no notice watch one of your parents be killed…on a loop even.  Then analysed over and over again.  Now what if everyone in the world got to watch it too.  I know that if I ever met JFK Jr (I would have humped him) I would have asked what that felt like to have something that awful put on display everyday.  (After the uncomfortableness of my hump and generic conversation to get him comfortable again.)

Yesterday the body of a 32 year old husband and father was found.  He was just trying to sell his truck online and went for a test drive.  How do you even think about that?  He said he would be right back to his wife.  That must have been the longest night of that woman's life.  The longest week really.  Now she has years of hearing details, a trial and the case made an example of for years to come.  Don't forget the joy of explaining every layer of that to their daughter.  Totally heartbreaking.  We will know too much.

I remember before the Bernardo trial and the publication ban in Canada.  There were all these false details being reported just so people were kept interested.  I'm ashamed to say I own 4 books on the whole Bernardo trial.  The only good thing I can say about that whole deal is that the media at large does not see or speak to Paul Bernanrdo.  He has tried and tried to talk to anyone who will publish anything about him or how he was wronged but thus far no one will touch him.  Thank god.  As much as even I would love to hear the rantings of that mad man lets respect the families who already live everyday without someone they love and will never hear another word from.
So I guess I've decided to not be so interested in the little details of these cases out of respect for the families.  They should hear the details from the police and not from every news paper, radio, TV and splashed all over the Internet.  We shouldn't know the details of how someone died.  I like to think like birth, relationships and death should be shared with few.  These three aspects of life should be respected enough to be private. 

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