Tuesday, 18 June 2013


punch-drunk (p nch dr ngk )
1. Showing signs of brain damage caused by repeated blows to the head. Used especially of a boxer.
2. Behaving in a bewildered, confused, or dazed manner.

My friend Sheena (not real name to protect innocent) used to tell me she felt punch-drunk all the time.  I didn’t fully get it until this week.  Now I am completely behaving in a bewildered, confused and dazed manner.  So after a long break this blog could be interesting, confusing and bewildering.  Be worried.

Again I have let the blog slide.  Sorry to those who check and find nothing updated.  I have started many topics but end up getting distracted and not finishing my thought or posting.  No excuse really, just busy and spending my time keeping up with house stuff and friends.  The new bed is still fairly amazing.  Still firm and I still feel like it’s a big girl bed.  High, well made, and with the headboard snazzy.  I do have a funny story about my headboard.

So as any adult knows sometimes when things are happening the headboard hits the wall and it sounds like someone is being murdered.  Sometimes.  Anyway.  After getting the new bed I was determined that this nonsense stop so I can enjoy sex without the fear of basement girl thinking I’ve joined an armature wrestling team.  (Team as in two, it’s a queen size not a king.)  Anyway so when the bed was delivered and I had it all made up I trotted off to the bathroom and got two of the thickest most industrial maxi pads that I could find.  Why?  Well they are now protecting my newly painted wall and the back of my headboard from hitting the wall during…wrestling.  The wrapper is not visible and the wrestling thus far has been muffled by the good people at not-name-brand maxi pad company.  It hasn’t marked the wall and basement girl can’t tell when I have company.  SCORE!

I wish I could take full responsibility for that idea.  Sadly many years ago my Great Grandpa decided that with a free sample panty liner would prevent a wall mirror from touching the wall.  This is the kind of handy people I come from.  In his defense he had no idea what the pad was for as Granny hadn’t had a period since just after WW2.  Always a thinker that man was. 

So thus far I’m at work still exhausted.  It’s Tuesday for Christ sake and I am acting like I was at a rave all night.  Yesterday was worse.  I was up late Sunday on the phone with a friend and that seems to have jacked me all over the place.  I have had a few late nights over the weeks but I have been able to bounce back quite well.  Sadly yesterday, Monday, I spent most of my day trying to stay awake and focus on some fairly simple tasks.  That didn’t go amazingly well.  I came home, got a 2nd wind, pulled some weeds, BBQ’d and then showered.  In bed by 9:30 I passed out for the night and woke up bewildered in a confused and dazed manner.  So of course Norman Earl had to get up when I got up and needed out right away.  Only able to see out of one  eye I managed to get clothes on and get him out before any accident’s happened.  Shockingly I managed not to fall down my front steps or kill myself walking across the street.   Now I’m at work, semi more alert then yesterday but still oddly tired.  I’ve checked my sugars and they seem ok.  Maybe I just need a good rest or a vacation.  Laurie and I are debating on another weekend away but for now I think resting up and getting things done quietly around the house would prove to be less stressful for me in the long run. 

I have about 6 home projects on the go.  Sadly my own adult ADD has gotten the best of me so a few things are half done and it’s getting on my nerves.  I wonder if Amazon has a book for adults with ADD who can’t finish a home project?  I’d only order it and read the first chapter anyway.  I own that.  Perhaps this weekend I can get a few things done.  Sometimes I seriously think I should have gotten a condo.  One of those fancy apartment ones really high with a big balcony.  Then again I wouldn’t have found Fred.  Stray street cats don’t make it up to the 20th floor. 

Despite being exhausted I am blissfully happy.  My off the blog life has been wonderful lately, work is going great and I’ve got some serious irons in the fire.  If I could just get some extra sleep…

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