Friday, 28 June 2013

Wet Wet Wet

As per any good Canadian long weekend, it’s raining.  Regular people are up in arms about this but as nothing about me is regular I am excited by the prospect of rain all weekend.  Mainly because I’ve been chomping at the bit to reorganize a few things at home and read.  I love the rain and curling up with a good or bad book with the sound of the rain outside is one of the best things there is.  Seriously.  This morning when I had the dog out I felt like a little kid.  The rain was heavy enough to create a good little flow in the gutter so in my flip flops with my little dog up on the grass I walked right in the gutter feeling the flow of water all around me.  It was wonderful.  I walked extra slow to enjoy even longer since I was sure the dog was not going to tolerate the rain for very long.  We walked up and down the side of the street allowing me to enjoy the flow covering my feet while he sniffed then begged to go back home.  If I had of done this alone I would have looked like a crazy person.  Thank god for that little dog not blowing my cover of weirdness.  Good Boy!

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