Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Diabetes Anniversary week to me!
I know, who would celebrate this with such excitement?  This chunky nut.  Why?  Well despite not great news the diabetes wake up call did wonders for a few aspects of my life. 
1.       Staying up late is no longer really an option.  I know…fun.  It jacks with my sugar too much and I pay for it the next day way too much.  Who wants to waste a day of doing something fun when you are too tired or slow.
2.       I was never a real drinker before.  Just not my thing but I did love a good girly drink here and there.  Sadly they are full of sugar.  Now I have to limit myself to one beer and maybe a rum and diet pop.  Again, sexy.
3.       Exercise.  I was never an exerciser but now I have to move and walk the dog here and there.  In the winter I will be working on my upstairs room to create a Zen fun room with my Gazelle and space to stretch things out.
4.       Putting myself and my health first.  This was always a hard one for me.  Due to whatever you want to over think I seem to put others first way too much of my life.  Look how that turned out.  So now I make sure I am ok before I give my energy to anyone else.  I have more energy in so many aspects of my life.
5.       Thanks to my good friend Stephanie who gave me no choice but to have her go with me to pick up my stuff for the first time and show me exactly how to use it until I was confident.  I would have been scared and overwhelmed but she made sure I knew what I was doing and took the fear out of it all.  That is what a friend does when you are scared but won’t admit it.
So here we are a year later and I’m up and down with the weight and despite some acting out and not listening to myself a few times I’m actually very happy with life.  I wouldn’t say Diabetes was the worst deal ever but it woke me up a bit to the unhealthy choices I’ve made in my life.  Either way I’m working it out the best I can.  I’ve been lucky really.  I was reading about some of the side effects and it says women are more prone to vagina infections.  Knock wood my hot pocket has never had any issues.  I keep that shit buttoned up.

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