Thursday, 18 July 2013

This heat is Bullshit

Anyone else’s wiener dog shit on the bed this week? No just me?  That’s what I thought.  Needless to say I had two loads of laundry done by 7:30 am.  When I asked Norman Earl “Who did this?”  he flipped over and showed me his penis.  I don’t know who that worked on in the past but he is really barking up the wrong tree.  Needless to say someone needs some retraining.  I’ve spoiled him.  I own it.  Either way things are going to have to change. 

I feel oddly unsure of this world right now.  People are leaving dogs and babies in cars every day, 5 people have been hit by busses lately and in Florida it seems to be ok to kill kids (thanks for starting that ball running Casey Anthony.)  I think people are so self absorbed and think nothing will happen to them, that is when accidents and stupidity happen.  Hey, I’ve done some stupid things and luckily didn’t get caught or hurt.  Still, leaving a kid in the car when you run into shoppers for 3 things?  You don’t know how long the line will be.  I don’t care if the kid is sleeping or what.  It’s not right.  Don’t get me started about Dogs.  Leave the pets at home to enjoy the cool air-conditioning.  They don’t need to go to the hot summer festivals or with you to the store.  I love the video of the vet sitting in the car for a half an hour.  People don’t think.  I love that people are getting in the faces of these jerks waiting by the car or breaking windows.  This to me is acceptable. 

The creepy man who is always in a bathing suit a few doors down has been up blaring 80’s music at 6 am every day this week.  Last night he cut the grass in his stained bathing suit and drenched in sweat he felt the need to go up his pant leg and rearrange his man tackle.  Even Norman Earl found this disgusting.  I felt like a lady from the early 1800’s in my floppy hat all Christian perfect judging his public sin.  I guess if I had big hairy balls and a penis that were very sweaty I would want to fix them too.  Still, he had wiener sweat on his hand and went back to touching things.  I would never do that. 

Some of the workers at work took clients to the beach this week.  I’m glad I’m a receptionist.  My body was not made for either the beach nor this heat.  Putting them together does not sound like a fun day at the beach for me.  Literally and figuratively.  I don’t know what I would do if I had to stand with some poor client sweating on the beach for hours.  I’m sure I would fake some sort of car trouble or something along those lines.  When it feels like 45 outside this girl will be inside with her wrestling DVD and playstation.  My friend working in a rehab has managed to fish clients out of a neighboring pool almost every day.  At this point the older couple now calls asking for her letting her know when the clients have come for a swim.  If I didn’t have air I would be trying to break in a yard to swim.  It’s fair.  My Asian neighbors have an above ground pool that is not being used.  That’s right.  Two kids perfect age to be the most popular kids ever and they aren’t able to use the pool.  I think they used it once last year and this year just let it go.  Perhaps it’s a cultural thing or the pool needs help and he doesn’t have anyone to ask what to do.  Either way it’s a waste of a pool and better not be attracting some new kind of diseased bug to bite me. 

Clearly the weather is getting to me.

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