Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hot Dogs, Smoke and Sprinklers

Today is national Hot Dog appreciation day.  I'm guessing only in America since Canada is busy making sure beer and smokes aren't getting over taxed again.  It's how Canada is.  We don't have to have days to celebrate everything.  We just have a hot dog without all the fuss.  I might even bust out some frozen sausage for dinner just because it's that day.  Much like women hot dogs are great in theory but are terrible for you.  That's a joke.  I still like women and have not become more jaded then usual.  Insert happy winky face here.

I don't like to think about what is in a hot dog.  Learning about vegans and all that has put me right off the traditional made with about 400 chemicals.  Now if I need to shove something phallic in my mouth I go to a butcher, that way I know what's in them.  Sunripe has a hot dog with about 7 ingredients so that's something a little better.  I do sometimes get the vegan dogs.  They taste like a finger without a bone in it.

Today 3 clients have come in smelling like they just sit in their clothes and smoke all day in a closet.  I don't know how anyone can sit in an office with the door closed talking to these people.  Good lord.  My area is open and I still smell them like they are on me blowing smoke in my face.  "They" suggest you never smoke before a job interview but I'm starting to think smokers have the smell woven into their clothes.  God knows my wonderful parents smell like they just came from bingo in the 70's some days.  I used to smell like that constantly when I lived at home.  Gack!

It just rained but tonight I am suppose to run the sprinkler at the neighbours.  I'm going to run through it, or sit in it.  Either way a spray of water will go up the leg of my shorts until it reaches my vagina. 

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