Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sandwiches and the North

It might be early today but I might be on the track of getting back to my normal level of tired.  I typed that and yawned.  Damn it all to hell!  I did managed to sleep without moving until 3 am when I woke up with a full bladder.  For about 5 seconds I thought about peeing myself then got up and staggered to the bathroom.  I might have fallen asleep on the toilet for a bit because at some point I noticed that my head was against the wall and my eyes had been closed for a while.  Either way I went right back to bed and slept like a large baby.

Basement Girl will often work nights and another morning shift on no sleep.  This is not something I could do.  I was offered some relief hours at one of the group homes but aside from the fact that I would be working with hardened criminals I would have to work nights much of the time.  Now I could work nights and it’s not that I’m a princess and I’m too good to work nights, which could be part of it since I am a princess and could maybe be a little too tender to work nights.  Anyway, enough about me being tender.  The issue I have with working nights is that when my father was working nights be was very sick with the diabetes and got worse.  It jacked so bad with his system and his memory that he “retired” early.  I always felt bad for him.  He loved working at the College and still talks about it like he just stopped working last week.  Mom and I roll our eyes but aside from us it’s really all he had. 

I went to the store on lunch and when I was getting a diet coke I noticed in the cooler of the store they had those variety store sandwiches for almost 5 bucks.  Jesus.  How hungry does someone have to be to buy one of those?  You don’t know when or where they were made and the meat I’m guessing is all slimy.  I wonder if people eat these on a dare.  I’ve seen the hamburgers in there too.  Who just buys a 5 dollar burger that’s been in a fridge for who knows how long and heats it up?  Gack.  That doesn’t seem right at all to me.  I don’t think this has ever been ok but honestly besides stoners with the angry munchies who would go into a store and buy this?  I seriously might buy one just to analyze this.  By that I mean to take it apart and do some quality testing and not that I bought one and ate it already.  I promise.  That did not happen.

I guess sometimes I wonder about things.  I think it comes from being a people watcher, evaluator and general 5 year old about the world.  Last week I grilled another new staff who spent 4 years working in Nunavut.  The poor girl.  Thank god she’s the new Mental Health person or she might not have been ready for my barrage of questions for 45 minutes.  Bless her.  The highlights that were not sad included fun food facts such as paying $9 bucks for a cucumber, fresh food being flown in and freezing on the way due to altitude and a huge pack of 24 rolls of toilet paper on sale for $58 dollars.  I am assuming in those homes 2 ply is unfolded to 1 ply and the 3 squares rule is law.  Jesus.  One of my after a weekend of eating bad poops would cost about $6 bucks.  I don’t want to think about my period.

Another fun fact is she confirmed they do have 30 Days of Night (minus the non English speaking vampires) and 30 days of light.  Seriously!  I could do the dark as I love the dark but the light would jack with my system too much.  I can nap the shit out of a sunny day but I think it not being dark when I have my big sleep would mess with me.  She did say that when it’s dark, it’s dark.  Black.  The streets have some huge lamps so you can see in the downtown but that’s it.  Some times it gets a touch light.  Kind of a dusk but that is it.  How awesome?!?!  She did say that when it’s light all the time the native people are up at all hours and think nothing of not going to work and hunting all night and camping.  It’s a cultural thing.  Fascinating!  I would love to go for a visit but I could not live there unless I was rich.  Also I could not live there if I was rich due to the poverty and I would end up giving up a ton of money to kids without teeth or food. 

Sometimes I look a the world  from the eyes of a jaded approaching middle aged chick with bills to pay and other times I amaze myself with my hilarious innocence at the places I have yet to go and the billions of things I don’t know.  Aren’t I just a ray of sunshine today.

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