Sunday, 6 November 2011

Changing of the blanket

Almost 20 years ago as a teen I fell in love.  Sometimes you see it...and you know it.  It belongs to you and you belong to it.  I am of course talking about my ugly yet much loved blanket.  I have not named it or anything but it's just always just been there.  Replaced here and there for a duvet in the cold but right back when weather permits.  I should say that years ago I saw this homely blanket in the JC Penny catalogue and begged my mother for weeks to order it.  When it came it was perfect!  Perfect for my budding lesbian hormones with it's flannel feel and checks.  I'd attach a photo but I don't want to be fully judged.  Anyway, the feel of it and the weight of it was perfect and has been perfect for years.  It fits perfectly into a duvet cover so no one knows just how ugly it is.

The last month despite being hot at times at night I was getting colder and colder.  Also, the blanket was getting more used looking then a Dundas and English street hooker the day after cheque day.  It wasn't great.  Yesterday as I was washing my bedding it hit me that when I was unemployed I bought a Nate Burkus blanket that was packed away upstairs.  It was a king size impulse by and did I mention was marked down from 100 bucks to 25.  I put it in the dryer for 20 minutes with half a bounce sheet and waited to see how I would feel about changing.  As I made my bed up I avoided eye contact with my old blanket...half hanging out of a duvet cover.  It looked like it was trying to crawl out between the buttons...begging for another chance.

Needless to say I've had two amazing naps this weekend with my new blanket as well as one good nights sleep.  It's not too warm or heavy and can be turned two ways.  Not sure what goes with the rustic orange but at this point its all new so it doesn't matter.  I have yet to pick up my old blanket.  I know that after all these years it has now been down graded to a company blanket or for the kids when they sleep over.  That's kind of sad considering almost every woman I've had sex with has been on or under that blanket.  I might omit that should anyone ask. 

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