Thursday, 25 April 2013


So good things are slightly coming to the one who waits without bitching and moaning all the time.  I’ve managed to get a new bed, job is going amazing and was extended and I’ve been rather happy in my personal life.  Sadly I watched another documentary on health and am now terrified.

Needless to say we are for sure going back to Meat and Pants free in every way again.  This time I watched Fat, Sick and nearly Dead.  Amazing and it actually really hit me.  When you are unhealthy you tend to not think about it and think “it won’t happen to me” or next week I will start.  I have been playing that sweet game for a while.  My friend works in a high end rehab and has managed to gain 15 lbs in a month from all the amazing food  that is available constantly to her.  Plus, the chef seems to have a little crush on her so she’s been getting extra thick chocolate mouse every night.  Have at her! 

So the new bed came Saturday and after two nights of a bit of getting use to extreme firmness of things I seem to have gotten use to it.  The bed is so high that I have to get a leg up to get in it.  I felt very perched up in it and not very cozy.  I’m almost over that now.  Almost…but I find it funny I got the lower box spring and was going to change my mind.  Another four inches would surely mean a hip replacement in a month or me falling out of bed full on peeing myself.  I’m sure of it.  Plus should Norman Earl opt to try and jump down he would be jumping down from about 4.5 feet.  That’s an estimate but still the bed is so high that I feel like poor Norman could be hurt if he jumps.  Also the bed has a cooling layer so we both have yet to wake up all sweaty.  My pre-menopause sweating has stopped and Norman Earls little sweaty dog arm pits are a thing of the past!  Sadly things have changed with us.  He no longer sleeps under the covers.  Too many farts and hot boxing him with the smells have kept him on top of the covers and in his Mexican Stand off blanket. 

I just talked way too much about the dog.  Lame!  I’ve  totally jumped from an amazing life changing movie, to the new bed and now my dogs sweaty little arm pits.  What has this blog come to?  A mish mash of my random thoughts as I think them with no rhyme or reason?  Apparently that is how my mind works now.  My work is very much like that these days.  I do accounting, then reports and manage to help several Justice Workers at the same time.  My mind is never on one thing for very long and even around the house if I’m not playing a video game I’m up and down doing whatever while watching TV or playing on the computer.  What happened to just sitting and doing one thing?  Or keeping focused long enough to write a blog on one topic?

I was talking to someone about trivia earlier today.  My ability to remember completely useless facts and such makes me a great trivia person.  Sadly if I was able to harness this trait at a younger age I could have focused on school and maybe stayed focused long enough to get a degree in something amazing and in demand.  There should seriously be someone in schools who tests for whatever I have and gears some education toward helping me focus.  I also think this person would be amazing for people with ADD so they could find jobs or schooling that keeps them busy.  Some of the most successful people in the world have ADD.  Why are they successful?  Ability to multi task.  Seriously we need to figure out how to let people learn what they are passionate to learn without barriers of useless courses they don’t find interesting or stimulating.  That’s when people shut off.  The longer you are shut off the harder it is to turn you back on to something.  Be it work or a relationship.  Think about people who are in a relationship for a long time and it’s lost it’s luster or something has changed to turn you off.  If you leave it for a long time it’s much harder to turn it back on then if you work on it a day or two after a fight or change.  Same thing with a job really.  We get stuck because the pay is good, work friends, know the job and safety when really we could be moving forward or doing something that pays more in contentment then dollars. 

So I guess it’s important to follow your nose to what makes you feel alive.   The “It won’t happen to me” or “I’ll start tomorrow” attitude doesn’t always lead to the passionate life.  I guess the best I can do it keep working toward starting today what will make us better tomorrow.

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