Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Beats

All weekend I’ve been thinking that I need to say something about being diagnosed with Diabetes.  Or, The Beats as I call it.  It wasn’t a surprise.  I’ve been joking and talking about it for weeks but somehow when the doctor was actually telling me while printing off referrals and prescriptions I was shocked.  I guess because this time I didn’t dodge a bullet again.  I felt like crying but managed to hold it in and thinking about all the things I had to do when I finally got back to work. 

I have an amazing friend who was clearly ready for my text after getting out of the doctors.  She pretty much insisted that over lunch she show me the correct way to use my blood tester   and make sure I knew what I was doing.  I think that is the part that really made me want to cry.   And even thinking about it makes me well up a little.  Yes this friend is a nurse and didn’t flinch when I bled on her hand while my hands were shaking with nerves.  “They” say knowledge is power, well having someone behind you making sure you are doing what you should be doing and that you know they are there to help you, that is some powerful shit.    

I cried a bit about it yesterday.  I’m a sensitive girl so it’s what I do.  I was thinking that I had warnings in the past years but didn’t ever seem to take it seriously.  It’s almost like a slutty girl walking through a bar with a mini skirt on thinking no one will touch her ass.  My ass just got full on double fingered with The Beats.  Clearly the last year I’ve been thinking more about my health.  I went off meat for a month, thus causing me to cut way the hell back on meat.  Today if you were to come and spot check my freezer the only meat I have is a 7 lb roast.  That is it.  No emergency chicken breasts behind the ice,  no freezer burnt fish and no bacon.  So I guess I’m off meat again. 

After watching Forks over Knives again I keep thinking that this is going to be my deal.  Trying to take a whole foods no animal way to get fit and maybe reverse what is going on with me.   My poor pancreas is exhausted.  And can I just say that on the first try I spelled pancreas right.  Fuck YEAH!  Anyway, if you watch the documentary they make amazing points on eating things from animals and processed foods.  With so many overweight and obese people in the world and my love of chunky women you would think I would get more action.  I will be doing my own documentary about this at some point. 

So this weekend has been spent trying to get my mind around my lifestyle change and what this all means for the rest of my life.  A few things come to mind off the fly. 
  1.  I’m going to have to enjoy salad.
  2. Treating myself is going to have to be few and far between.  No more having some chocolate to celebrate breathing and bowel movements.
  3. Exercise will become part of my life.  I might have to start taking the stairs no matter how heavy I breath after.
  4. Friends who love to eat with me will have to support and understand that I can’t meat up all the time anymore.  Also...I hear Wendy’s has salads.

The past few weeks I have been having some baby dreams which means something big and new.  This was not what I had in all!  I was hoping for a lottery win or a sweet new lady friend with nice tits. 

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