Monday, 2 July 2012


So thanks to one of my blog followers...let’s call her KKK.  KKK pointed out that I had accidentally erased a few posts.  Dick knob here thought I was cleaning out the drafts of shit that didn’t make it to the blog.  Things like my dreams of giving blow jobs to JR Ewing and dreams of being married with 3 kids who destroy my house and I run away in a truck giving blow jobs away to truckers.  No one wants to read that.

Anyway, I wrote about love yesterday so let me try and recap that. 

So, my lady friends best friends from University who have been together for 17 years were getting married on Saturday.  They have two kids 8 and 10 and have an amazing house.  Anyway, one of the ladies came to get Diane very early Saturday morning.  I chatted with her when Diane was running around getting ready.  I asked “So, are you nervous about the big day?”  This woman that I’ve never met before looked calm and cool sipping her coffee.  “Naw, after 17 years my only worry is that my grandma doesn’t fall in the pool again.”  (Apparently Grandma has fallen in the pool 3 times so far, twice in the winter.  Anyway,  since Diane was taking for-fuckin-ever I asked “How did you guys get together?”  She smiled like I had just reminded her of the best story ever.  “Well we lived in the same building when we were at Western.  We saw each other all the time but we never said anything to each other.  I think we smiled but both looked retarded when we did.   So first day of 2nd year I was in Canadian history and she walked in late.  She saw me at the back and sat at the first seat that she could find.  Then 5 minutes later she gets up, while the Professor is talking packs up her stuff.  I thought she was in the wrong class and leaving but she turns around, looks me dead in the eye and walks up and sits beside me.  I thought I was going to puke.  After the class we walked out together and all I could say was “Hi.”  So, we walked back to our building together, went to her apartment and made out.   We switched roommates a week later and that was it.”  She then added “So that’s why we are getting married Canada Day Weekend, since we met officially in Canadian History Class.”  Is that not fuckin cute?  I’m so lonely.

From what I know about these two ladies they have managed to stay in love after 17 years.  Despite having kids, busy jobs, coaching and taking care of Grandma a few times a week.  Life is hard enough and I’ve seen with many friends the first thing to go is putting each other first.  Diane talked about then one night like they were to be put on some amazing pedestal of lesbian love.  I don’t think there is any right way to be married but I think when you have been through a bad break up or divorce when you see people doing it so well, you wish you had that.  Anyway, these two have taken amazing care of their relationship.  Diane said they still have sex...with each other, they take weekends away (which mostly consists of sending the kids away and not answering the door) and get this, they don’t leave the house without saying “I love you.”  Diane rolled her eyes when she told me that.  I can’t help but be slightly jealous of that.  I mean after 17 years? 

A friend told me last week that when I meet the right person, look out.  I thought about it and appreciate that.  I don’t mean to say I’m old but I think when you can fully appreciate someone and what they bring to your life, and not what you feel like you give up to be with them, it must feel like a good deal.  I guess with love, you decide what you do with it.  Are you going to build it, take care of it and protect it?  Or are you going to take it, expect it and demand it be the way you want it? 

Again, the choice is yours.

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