Sunday, 27 January 2013

As per your request....

So I kind of missed out on my favourite time of the week.  Sunday early morning.  The pets and I slept in till 8:15 and now I feel almost out of sorts.  I really do love my quiet Sunday morning tea and writing.  After feeding the dog and taking him out in my PJ's to see the church folk parking for the quickest exit spots I almost slowed down my schedule.

I've had a request by one of my few readers to add a little more food talk.  Clearly this person isn't suffering food cravings like I do but I will do my best to step it up a bit.  I tend to be an open book on here so I will admit that recently I've been craving big hot Sunday dinner meals.  Being a single lady who's not cooking for a family or boys I can't really be busting out huge meals like that.  However with my meat brother moving soon I'm taking the opportunity to make a few things before he goes that I can enjoy.  (Also, I'm not going to return his video game...but he seems to be aware of that.)

Today, I'm going to go with my first craving and make my own meatballs for spaghetti and meatballs tomorrow night.  I'm going to do my best to take pictures of the process since I seem to be stepping that up with the blog.

Step One.
Debbie's old food processor.
I spent the better part of my teens cleaning this beast.  My mom used it about 3 times a week so I got to know it fairly intimately.  I inherited it two years ago and have used it 3 times.  The cord is all yellow and creepy and the top has a few tiny paint splatters.  Good job Dad.  I really take after that man.

Step Two
Choppin and Mixin'
So the picture above is the beast.  I can put it together blindfolded from memory of my teen years.  Kind of like Forest Gump with his gun.  Anyway, I mixed an onion, celery, Italian spice, two pieces of bread and two eggs.  Then with my hands I mixed it all in together with the meat.  I find that I'm a compulsive hand washer with mixing.  I don't like my hands to be too cold or dirty.

Step 3

So after mixing it all together I gave a cookie sheet a little oil rub, washed my hands twice and then began rolling the balls.  I didn't think there would be tons but thanks to Baby Jesus and my inability to measure properly or follow a recipe I have a cookie sheet full of balls.  I should mention that the below picture is my largest cookie sheet.  Meaning my balls are not small. 

Step 4
I'm proud to say that I only called my mother once to ask one cooking question.  "Do I cover the balls or not?"  Wise as ever she asked what I made them with and said no.  Apparently covering them would mean they would be too wet.  Go Debbie.  So now my balls are in the oven, smelling up the house with meat goodness and the Parmesan cheese I added to them.  Amazing.  I see now why Italian kids don't leave home until they get married.  I may never get married if I had an Italian Momma cooking for me all the time.

Step 5
Balls are done
So I cooked the balls on a cookie sheet for about an hour.  Maybe too long but keep in mind tomorrow I'm going to soak them in sauce so they will kind of rehydrate and get even more flavor.  I think with sauce and what I plan to put in it I might have too many.  But I will be saving some in the freezer for the next time I have a craving.  I did try a small one and it was pretty good.  The sauce will only make them better.  I kind of want a meat ball sub.

So despite a slow start I have managed to get something fun done today.  Also, can I just say that I really had no clean up to speak of.  Why?  I'm one of those anal people who cleans up as they go.  I can't stand people who cook and leave a huge mess at the end.  Bowls and pots get crusty while you eat so you have to use twice as much water to clean up.  Also, during a meal all I can think of is all the cleaning I have to do when I'm done eating.  I don't have a big enough kitchen to have someone beside me helping either.  (Personal space.)

Will let you know how the balls go over tomorrow. 

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