Thursday, 17 January 2013


I’ve reached a new phase in my life.  I now have to moisturize my hips before bed.  Let me explain that this time of year my skin is super dry due to the weather and my love of hot showers.  So, I get a little dry and tight.  As a side sleeper I hop into bed, get situated and then the feeling hits me.  It’s like a dry itch I attempt to ignore but the neurotic part of me pictures little bugs aggressively biting me since I’ve pinned them down under my weight.  I lay there for a while thinking I’ve got bed bugs then convince myself that I’m fine and to go to sleep.  If the dry itch is really bad I turn over to my other side and repeat.  A sane person would itch but for me I feel like it will make the itching worse.  So, I’m going to shoot to be even more sane and pre-moisturize my hips before bed.  No more going to bed thinking I’m going to be devoured by bedbugs and then judged for having bed bugs. 

Now that you are all wondering why you even bother to read my blog, let’s get down to business.  I went into work the other day and left with a huge full binder for my course with my reading.  I have to say carting the 10 lbs around downtown for the rest of the day made me a little worried about the course but I know I have amazing supports should I get into trouble.  I guess I like that about my life.  I have amazing friends and support in different pockets in my life.  Work friends who have become a bit of a fun work family, old friends I’ve connected with over the last year who I’ve not missed a beat with and an amazing friend who has my back no matter what.  I really am truly blessed. 

I love my pockets of friends.  They all seem to add something the others don’t.  I mean that they all seem to have their own gifts in my life.  Take my most uncomplicated friendship with Rex (name changed to protect the innocent.)  He is like the little brother I would have had should that pregnancy test I found in the bathroom garbage in Grade 8 (thanks Mom) been positive.    Wait...I think that kid would be older.  Never mind.  Anyway, our friendship is about uncomplicated dude stuff.  Conversations about chicks, food, comedy shows and life.  Unlike chicks we don’t dig deep into the “why’s” of our issues, over analyze or obsess about our issues.  We just put them out there, have some food and joke around.  Our expectations are not high.  We are cool with each other and very in the moment.  It is a nice change from many of my other friendships. 

My other interesting friendship is that person who had my back.  Who will take my text almost any time, made sure I knew what I was doing when I got the beats and knows when to just listen when I’m having a hard time.  I don’t think anyone knows me or more importantly, gets me like she does.  I’m assuming she gets me.  I could just be mistaken for her unwavering support and acceptance of all my weirdness and quirks but honestly I think she gets me.  There are no demands or expectations.  We are just there for each other in a way that I can’t even explain.  We might not see each other super often but we talk daily and I almost never have to tell her how I’m feeling when something bad happens.  She just gets it.  I have to thank Sweet Baby James for that one. 

This year has gotten off to a bit of a suck ass start but at the end of the day I sleep well knowing my support system is strong and that makes my heart and soul full. 

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