Thursday, 24 January 2013


So I went out and bought a space heater yesterday just to take the edge off during the day.  I am on the plan for gas and don't need a few days of extreme cold to cost me an extra 10 bucks a month on next years bill.   I have been trying to think of a way I can put in a gas fire place in my living room.  I'm sure there is a way...a very expensive way. 

Right now I'm all about saving money.  I've been invited out for dinner a few times since being off and have had to more recently decline for fear of spending money I will need at some point.  To make matters non really worse but weird, I've begun to buy unemployed people foods.  After my stomach flu I seem to be living on soup.  Today my nose would not get warm at all so after my hour long after noon nap (when it's cold it helps me get warm) I made up a huge pot of soup.  Two packets. I'm guessing by the end of the cold night I will be eating it all.  I'm envisioning friends stopping over and forcing a mug of soup on them.  "No, you will need it.  It's cold in here.  Take the guest slippers too."

I've had a fun few days.  I've found a few jobs online and applied for them, cleaned the house and waited like a good girl until after 7 to do my laundry.  There should be a clause for us unemployed people who are home all day and want to do our laundry and use extra power to do boring unemployed people things.  I think it's fair.  What about stay at home mom's with a bunch of kids?  I used to work with a woman who had 3 little girls.  I think she was constantly doing laundry.  If she was still home all day I'm guessing waiting till after 7 would really piss her off.  Apparently from 11 till 7 am it's even cheeper.  Fuck.  I wonder if things get really bad will I have to get up in the middle of the night and do my laundry?  I guess it's good I'm only wearing pajamas and using my white towels.  If I play it right I can maybe only do two or 3 loads a week.  Clearly I'm all about planning.

Not much else is new.  My poor wiener dog needs to be carried home if we walk more then 3 houses away.  He gives me the eyes after his poop and I can't stand to see him lifting his cold paws looking at me to fix it.  I feel like a celebrity carrying my little dog down the street.  I guess all I need is a purse and really big sunglasses. 

I think I need more soup. 

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