Sunday, 3 February 2013

Back in the saddle again

So it's Sunday morning.  My favourite day to get up early, enjoy the quiet and post.  I was up at 6:30 but due to some weirdo stomach pain went back to bed until 8.  I feel like I wasted a lot of good writing and enjoying the quiet time.  Either way I'm here now...ready to try and figure myself out.

Yesterday I needed something to watch while I ate breakfast so I turned on this Vegan movie I downloaded for a friend.  Remember how I started this whole blog because I wanted to be Vegan for a month?  Yeah, it was a long time ago.  One of my last posts was me cooking meat balls from scratch for Christ sake!  To say I've lost a bit of the mission of this site is to put it lightly.  Thank god I have nailed the pants free part daily...sometimes all day.  Anyway, I watched Vegucated, basically 3 people go vegan for 6 weeks and we all get to learn about how animals are treated (not super graphic but enough to make you think) and what it does to the environment to consume animal products.

What gets me is the mass farms.  Everything is about making money.  I'm the first to admit how much I love good BBQ.  But last year, I lived with out meat BBQ and this year I might be dong the same in favor of a grill basket full of good veggies.  It's not easy not eating meat and animal products, I love eggs.  Ok for a little bit now I've eaten most of them in the form of breakfast sandwich after my break up, (we will get to that) but part of me thought "they are just chickens who are alive...makin eggs."  But then I remembered they care crammed into little cages to do so.  I'm not a fluffy bunny animal lover or anything but come on.  Killing animals with bolts to the head and shocking them to death is not the way I want to enjoy my bacon.  (Yep, that shit is fuckin true.)

I have been trying to make better choices as far as meat.  The only meat I've been buying this month was the good bacon from the market, which you need to try.  It's thick and about 1/4 the fat of regular bacon and cooks up faster and better.  So amazing.  Dammit...anyway.  Between that and the lean ground beef for the meatballs I've done well this month.  Still.  I can do better and I know it.

So as mentioned earlier I recently went though another break up.  I don't talk to much about personal personal relationships but when the cat got out of the bag it seems like the right time to get back to talking about dating and back in the saddle of being single.  It's been about a month so I've been good about it for a bit.  No break up is easy but at the end of the day it's about being happy.  A few people asked if I was out dating yet.  I'm not limiting myself and I'm open to it but honestly right now I'm enjoying my life.  With so much going on it's not fair to add more pressure to myself.  I'm happily single...I always have been so for some reason I'm fine with taking life as it comes. ready for more jokes about being single and more blogs about not eating meat.  If you can, download Vegucated.  Such a good movie.  Forks over knives is amazing too...

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