Thursday, 7 February 2013


So the past two weeks have been filled with looking and applying for work.  I've had one interview but networked and am doing volunteer work to keep me busy and connected to the employment sector.  It's almost a full time job.  I was lucky enough to babysit yesterday and leave all that behind me for most of the day.  Keeping a not so sick 6 year old busy was fun and I got shown up playing playstation.  What is it with kids now?  They just come out of the box (ha) knowing how to use any video game system skipping the instructions I must go over a few times.  Kid got to level 4 of volleyball first time playing it. 

Anyway, it was nice to have a simple fun day and not think about the pressures of life right now.  It all felt extra heightened this week with the dreaded...period.  I hate my period.  The emotions, lower back pain, food cravings and my inability to be as nice as I usually am.  I feel bad for guys who make period jokes...but after dealing with myself and being trapped in the cottage with my Aunt Nancy once during her raging PMS I think they have a solid leg to stand on.  Maybe even two of them.  I know...I can just hear the little granola cruncher feminist community lesbians yelling at me about that comment but if took a minute after emptying their Diva Cups they would see how right I am.  (If you don't know what a diva cup that shit.  Worth it.  I will wait while you do it.)

Anyway, so with this weeks period I felt like Sweet Baby Jesus was testing me in the fine art of patience.  I patiently have to wait to hear about the outcome of an interview I thought went well, wait for EI to work itself out, wait for more non shit job postings to come out and waiting to get back to doing something important with my life.  Waiting can suck but honestly, waiting gives you time to either obsess or get off your ass and focus on the other things in your life that should have your attention.  So while I wait I have babysat, compulsively cleaned the house with bleach, started yet another new book, hung out with friends and reminded myself that despite everything going on in my life...I'm doing my best to take it as it comes and put a good face on it all. 

I've never been one of those amazingly strong women I envy but thanks to being true and patient with myself I'm getting there.'s lesson for me will be that even when I don't have my period it's OK to be a bitch, stick up for myself and try and be patient while others figure themselves out. 

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