Friday, 22 February 2013

Eggs and lesbians

You would think I would blog a lot more while not working but I've struggled for topics.  Clearly if I'm writing about 3 ways.  (Still on my sexual bucket list as my Mother doesn't read my blog.)  I'm not one to care about what's going on in the news.  I don't care if the Pope is stepping down before his time.  I think the last one was dead about 10 years and he was duct taped up drooling for his public appearances.  Still doesn't really concern me.

I did have a great laugh last night.  So we all know my TV watching is questionable so of course I found the trashiest show I could find without even trying.  It was one of those teen wedding shows.  Canadian even!  Good to know we have equally stupid kids here who what to get married at 18 cause it's totally cool to have a party with all your friends and like dress up n' stuff!  I've watched this before...I will own it.  Anyway, this one was two teen lesbians.  Now...let me just say I enjoy being a lesbian but I can leave the drama that goes along with it on occasion.  I've learned be it 22 or 62 women are drama.  Worth it...but drama.  So imagine the hormone, overly possessive, nothing to do but love you filled drama created by two 18 or 19 year old lesbians.  We are talking the beginnings of drama that will play out for years to come...probably at a bar watching a lesbian singer.

Anyway, both lesbians lived in the basement of the mouthy girls grandparents who raised her.  They had been together 2 years and had to get married.  Clearly they are fast tracking the entire lesbian experience to coordinate with high school grad.  Anyway, the doe and doe took place in a gym with about 12 friends and involved a boob cake and a random almost fist fight.  A mom stepped in and reminded them that they were behaving like little kids on the playground.  (Maybe don't judge the behavior of kids when you are letting yours make a lifetime commitment that is come very expensive paperwork to get out of.)  Anyway the $112 dollars that raised went to the wedding.

The wedding itself was on a Friday during the day, so all the teens had to skip school which they were all bummed about doing since the smart ones had college paper work to hand in.  (I was so proud of those ones.)  Anyway, the 3 hours before the wedding were spend with the school skippers hanging streamers and decorating while bride one got a fresh coat of pink put on her hair and bride two was super late and bitchy cause she didn't get enough sleep.  The ceremony was the usual.  It was nice to here there perspective on marriage was "getting to start life with my best friend at my side."  I see the 18 year old all the hope in the world point on that statement.  Still, I tend to live a bit more real. 

So off the 18 year old lesbians go, back to the basement to start life together.  Get jobs, move out and think about college.  It's a hard go trying to figure out who you are in general be it at 18 or 40.  The only thing they seem to know about themselves is they are gay and love each other.  I hope that's something that holds them together longer then their first anniversary.  Thank god they can't get pregnant! 

I should say that I'm not the biggest supporter of making huge commitments like kids and marriage until you have a good sense of who you are.  I've watched too many women fall in "love" and completely loose themselves into being a couple or whatever they think they need to be to keep the other person interested.  One day they wake up feeling like a stranger in their own lives.  I hate romantic comedy's (by hate I mean I watch them alone with total shame) but I do have to say that every woman should take something away from The Runaway Bride.

Julia Roberts character gets almost to the alter with these guys she professes to love but the reporter looking into her story played by Richard Gere asks her how she likes her eggs.  During every different relationship she likes her eggs how the guy likes his eggs.  He likes camping, she likes camping.  You get the picture.  She looses herself in the guy but is smart enough to not marry them.  As women why do we do this?

Again I shouldn't comment on relationships but one thing I love about myself is I know how I like my eggs and I'm more than happy to lend you a pot or pan to make your eggs the way you like them too. 

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