Thursday, 28 February 2013


So last night I had a dream about the love of my life.  My Nana.  For the record I really don't believe that soul mates and or the love or someones life could compare to a pure friendship or love of one's Nana.  There is no comparison really.  Friends and my Nana were always there.  Romantic love comes and goes, heats up and fades.  There really is no constant.  (Anyone who says different watched too many Disney movies and clearly didn't think a few years down the road when Cinderella pops out a few kids and the Price is banging the maids.  Cynical...yes.  I don't live in a Disney movie.)

Anyway, back to my Nana.  Apparently I've been watching to much end of the world zombie crap because I was in an arena like the JLC with my Mom, Aunt Nancy and some other lady.  I left them for a bit and then either these meteors or bombs hit and all I knew was I had to go up to the way upper area where my Nana was in a hotel type room.  Way to go Nana.  So in a crazy emotional state I told my Mom to leave and I would get Nana and raced around fighting crowds and these three Jesus loving girls who were doing crowd control.  I called one of them and the lord some very choice things.  I told the three lord lovers to look for an old lady who looked like Betty White.  They tried to hold me back but I raced around.  Finally they found her in a line. 

Now, I should say that since my Nana died I've had about 4 dreams about here where I could kind of feel her.  I crave them since I miss her so much.  I choose to believe it's her way of comforting me.  So, when I saw my Nana in the dream I felt so excited yet at peace.  She looked almost spry and so happy to see me.  (It was the end of the world ish in the dream so I'm guessing she was glad we didn't just leave her there or anything like that.)  Hugging her in a dream is no comparison to a real hug of someone you love that much but for the first time in a while I felt a real calm.  I got a chance to hug and hold my Nana for a bit and after that the dream was kind of over. She never seems to stay long but always gives me a dose of what I need.

I'm sure I will blog more later but I kind of wanted to get that out.

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