Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Back on the bone

That title is for that special man out there who loves a good bag.  ;-)

Well we can assume one thing from me eating meat again, I totally dropped the ball on this blog.  I did get busy and had an amazing weekend.  Maybe it was the Ikea high or a slight meat high...either way I'm back.

So Sunday I was family free so I put pants on and enjoyed a beautiful drive to Ikea where I made many purchases.  I kind of cock blocked Ry Ry (to protect the innocent) and after talking him into getting red sheets I jumped on his doubt at the check out and purchased them for myself.  I also got a side sleeper pillow I call Martha.  Since I'm getting older I needed Martha to balance out Ruth Anne who sleeps between my knees to balance out my spine.  I hope they grow to be fast friends.

My first meat...well it was a tiny bit of bacon on the top of some potato skins before I moved on to a buffalo chicken sandwich that I got covered in honey garlic.  Was amazing.  The bun was a bit much so after 2 bits I just ate the meat.  Was very good and worth the wait.  I can't wait to have honey garlic wings.  Anyway, the next day I cooked for Rex, (lets call him that since is more manly) we had a stuffed turkey breast that I then put bacon on top of.  Now, if you have never done this...your a ball washer and really need to give it a shot.  Amazing extra flavor to the turkey.  Do it!  People really need to get in touch with their inner Paula Deen.  I want her to cook for me, then rub my back while reading to me until I fall asleep.  Nothing sexual...ish.

So since being back on the meat I've not over done it or anything.  I've had a chicken salad sandwich.  Last night I didn't crave meat at all.  I know!  I figured the first week I'd be dry humping a cow.  I'm not even trying to heavy pet a fish.  I was shocked at my own lack of interest in meat.  Seriously.  I still have bacon in the fridge and have not made a Murirhondonator.  

Murirhondonator:  A breakfast sandwich named for Murial Harris and Rhonda Bates consisting of bacon and a slightly runny egg.  On on piece of toast you have ketchup and on the other a skim coat of jam.  Salty and sweet.  

This sandwich could explain my less then slim figure...but it made my Nana happy when we created it.  ;-)

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