Saturday, 8 October 2011

Day 30

Tomorrow I get meat!  I'm excited.  I'm more excited to go to Ikea but I'm also preparing myself for the meat and what it could do to my newly cleaned out system.  So, being anal retentive I've found my murse and am packing it with imodium, advil (for my bad feet) and reading materials so my little meat brother does not leave me by the side of the road for talking too much.

I will do my best to take pictures of my first meat experience but it might happen very quickly.  Kind of a one shot deal.  Like a boys first time.  I imagine that happens really fast until they learn to go over baseball stats in their heads right??

Is it weird that I want to go to bed so early?  My mother already called to say she's having an awkward time away.  I now don't feel guilty about my choice to do my own thing.  Sometimes you have to be selfish with yourself.  It's also a bit of a protection thing with me but I am very happy to do my own thing. 

Off I go.  I spa'd up and shaved the legs.  A girl makes better time when you shave your legs.

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