Saturday, 22 October 2011

Book Sale Deep Thoughts

I don't know where this blog is going and clearly I'm not great at updating it right now but today I was thinking and it came around to body issues.

Little back story.  So yesterday after work I went to the yearly friends of the library book sale and found a Carpenters Biography.  Now, I don't need judgement right now but I love all things Carpenters.  I really do.  The only Christmas album I will listen to is the Carpenters and on occation (maybe like now) I put on my Carpenters mix and belt out some songs alone in my house.  Now, say what you will about the corny sappy tunes of this slightly creepy brother and sister but Karen Carpenter had a voice that really can't be matched.  If you listen hard enough and give it a chance she makes it sound effortless.  It got me thinking today.

So I was on the bowl reading my new to be Carpenters Biography following intently as the author tried to tie anything to why she got an eating disorder.  I remember watching a bad made for TV movie and tied in with the book remember someone calling her the chubby little sister.  I got to thinking that it doesn't matter how great you are at something...if you don't have the right look it's just shit. 

I'm guessing no one reading this is a semi closeted Carpenters fan like me so you might want to stop reading now.  For those of you who are or have any understanding I was thinking if Karen had of gotten some help soon and lived, well the Carpenters would have been fucked.  Their music was really a snap shot of a time that was craving something other then crazy 70's music.  Not many people from the 70's lasted very long and I really don't think they would have either.  Chances are they would have done sappy albums, bad tours and by 2011 would be working the seniors home crowd.  I'm fairly sure they would be hated.  I guess maybe in a sick way it was for the best.

Weirdest topic so far.  I know.  Still, I dare anyone to listen to Rainy Days and Mondays and not admit you have never felt what that song is saying.  Without the depressing sax solo.

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