Saturday, 1 October 2011

Day 23

Who am I?  Today I bought a new veggie slicer thing.  I sort of have the same kind that never gets used but this new one is Padero.  I love Paderno, it's my pot addiction.  I have more pieces of Paderno then I can count but yet again today I jumped at the chance to get a new veggie slicer.  I don't know if it's my new life style or the fact that it's Paderno.  Maybe all this semi healthy eating is actually rubbing off on me??

I feel much better about the dog situation from last night.  Fred is more then enough for me at this point and lets be honest, he's a handful.  I don't know if I should warn the new people about his passion for crapping in flower beds and jumping from roof to roof.  It would be a nice surprise for them I guess.  ;-)

Next weekend I get to eat meat.  I don't know what to have first...or at all.  I do honestly feel semi better.  I feel slightly more energetic during the day and my mind is clear in a way it wasn't before.  I can focus more.  Yes, sometimes all I focus on is meat but still.

I was talking to someone today about the Swiss Chalet chicken channel.  I was thinking that I must be doing very good with my lack of meat eating since I have yet to turn that channel on, dim the lights and be alone with myself.  ;-S

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