Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 22

Wow.  A week to go!  Next weekend I will be eating Turkey...and maybe bacon.

Little sad tonight and not gonna lie.  I had some pudding during an emotional moment or two.  Long story short, this man died and his dog needs a home.  I went yesterday, moved by the story to see the dog who is wonderful.  However he needs more then I can give him.  It's hard to think about that.  Am I willing to give up working late, going out after work or having that freedom?  For a very long time I had Maggie, my previous dog who die last year.  I loved her dearly but there were times when I wish I could have gone out after work and not had to run home. Or run away for a weekend without trying to find a dog sitter.  The last year has been kind of nice that way.  So tonight I had to call and let poor Don down.  I let him know that I felt like I couldn't give the dog what he needs in his last years.  Then I started to think about what kind of life I'm going to have in my last years.  Fuckin deep shit.

So today there was a meeting downstairs and the leftovers were sent up to us.  I was good and had some veggie pasta but I wanted to that that pan of meat lasagna home and make sweet love to it.  In the dark of course.  No one wants to see that. 

Little sad tonight but bleaching helped.

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