Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day 13

Chicken Wings.
That is today's thought of the day.  Big ones!

I'm feeling much better today.  I made some great eggs for dinner tonight.  I looked like a professional chopping up onions and green peppers.  I always overcook eggs.  They never look like the semi undercooked eggs on TV or that I got at the Golden Griddle Buffet.  Oh....I'd forgotten about that.  Three days of Health and Safety Training and my lunches were spent hitting that buffet like Chris Brown.  My last day of training  I had lunch with my dear friend who works right by there.  You would think we were related by blood the way we took on that bacon.  She even had one plate with green jello and bacon...bless her.  I'm proud to call her family. 

I love that a woman that I work with messaged me late last night and let me know she was making some veggie lover food for today.  She made a spread of roasted red pepper, eggplant, mushrooms and something else.  It looked scary...but was really great.  I need to get creative like this.  We had a great talk today at lunch how my mind works.  For years I've thought "chicken for dinner, what can I make with that?"  Now I have to think what to make without that the big show stopper. 

I'm trying to be semi ready for work tomorrow with snacks and lunch.  I also have to watch Sons of Anarchy so will see how much I get done. 

Chicken Wings.

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