Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day Five

The gas.  I wasn’t expecting to have so much gas pain today.  Sadly being in training I had to hold it in all day.  My work mates that read this blog are now putting two and two together with some of the faces I was making and perhaps the one sitting beside me in training is now realizing what a few sounds and smells were.  Yeah.  That was me.  When I was on the meat I felt that the farts came easier to me, they didn’t sit all high up in my bowels waiting for a little effort and pain before they worked their way down and out. 

Today I had my two shakes and a snack of veggies and hummus in the afternoon.  The veggies didn’t help and gave me a little gas power for the afternoon.  I don’t get why I don’t make more time for a snack in the afternoons and then come home all pissed off and tired.  Tonight I came home with a fever and man voice all exhausted.  Now normally I would feel this way, not cook and maybe order a pizza.  I don’t even see the point in a pizza without meat on it so that was out of the question.  I didn’t have the strength and energy to prep a bunch of veggies and cook.  So tonight I had Kraft dinner.   It’s not meat but its garbage food.   I seriously feel like crap for making something so easy but glad I didn’t crack and bust out some meat.  Will see how this comes out tomorrow.  I hope the gas isn’t as bad as today and that I start feeling better. 

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