Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day Six

I get it’s only day six and all but I have never wanted to suck the meat off a chicken wing so bad in my life.  I actually thought about honey garlic wings, thicker messy sauce not the runny kind that you get sometimes that really doesn’t stick to the wings.  Anyway, I fought the urge to order a pizza again tonight.  It wasn’t so bad but there was some self hate.  My throat is slightly better but I’m now moving on to the sexy dry hack.  Today I coughed and farted at work.  Fairly sure no one was the wiser.  Even if my work mates read this I don’t think it counts unless you actually catch me farting.  Just so you know.

I still feel like I need to cook a big meal.  Normally this would mean a huge hunk of meat surrounded by some seasonal vegetables…but right now I need to get organized and think about cooking up some vegetables tomorrow for dinner.  I can’t live on little things forever that get me around meat.  Also, this cold might go away at some point.  When that happens I don’t want to be rapist hungry and beat some poor co-worker for their lunch.  It’s bad enough I sniffed ones Mc Donald’s breakfast this morning.

PS.  Tonight I had cheese, crackers, rice and a package of Peanut Butter M & M’s that can only be found at the front of Shoppers.  I love them. 
PSS.  My pee smelled like Kraft Dinner today.  That can’t be good.

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