Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 21

I suck.  I'm getting a dog for the weekend...well, I'm test driving a dog this weekend so I've been busy nesting and trying to clean up.  Not that my house is dirty, it's just messy.  My pants that I don't like to wear are all over the place and there was part of me that really wanted to do a deep clean and paint this weekend.  Not so much now but still, should be good.

Tomorrow everyone is getting Mac Donalds again.  (That's right Shaun!)  I will just have to sniff the smells and hope someone gets me a fountain diet coke with a little extra ice, not to much but more then usual.  That would be nice.  ;-)

Little scared about adding to my family of two but I really hope it goes ok.  PS, Fred was on the kitchen counter and it was not clean.  Friggin cat.  Lets just add to this...arg.

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