Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 18

My facebook status.  Trying to figure out a way to make sweet love to my new toaster oven.  Greatest purchase of the year! 

Amazing!  I don't know how I lived with the sad little one my mother got me a few years ago.  This beautiful one is clean, a good size and had many settings.  Best 40 dollars I've ever spent.  I reheated part of a squash and it was great!  I added some rice and brussel sprouts and had a real dinner.  There is a special person out there in her warm wool socks who seems to think I could go 30 days without making real food.  I think I kinda did it tonight!  To her I say, see you Thursday!

Today wasn't bad.  I've had a lot of rice today for some reason.  I was going to have beans but beans and brussel sprouts would not go well together.  I pictured my boss having to add to my file "complaint from several co-workers about rancid ass smell at reception causing inability to work or focus on simple tasks."  I don't think they would call an "ass day" instead of a snow day but who knows.  It is social services.

I'm semi starting to worry about my cat.  I wonder if this makes me even more of a lesbian?  Anyway, he doesn't pee in his box in the house.  Tonight he semi tried but seemed a little pissed off at his new litter.  I fear the worst but then think that maybe he just has a huge cat bladder to go with his formerly huge cat nut sacks.  That's fair right?  Will see how he is tomorrow.

I'd kill for a big hot dog right now.

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