Sunday, 25 September 2011

Day 17

My fridge looks like something out of Vegetarian Times.  It's all healthy food with the exception of a box of Snack Pack puddings I got on sale today.  Suck it!  I just took two different squashes out of the oven and realized that there is hardly any room for them in there.  Should be interesting when they cool and need to go in.  I love wrestling with the fridge.

Today was a fun day.  Well, short nap followed by a trip to Walmart to get blinds for the bedroom.  Right now I have very tacky fabric temp blinds and when I get new neighbours on that side of the house they will be able to see how much I love to walk around naked.  I could just wear clothes but what fun is that??

Dinner tonight...well, I had too much raisin bread followed by two mouth fulls of beans, skittles and then a try at another short nap.  I know, living the friggin dream!  How could I cook something?  Geez.  Tomorrow night I will be sure to bust up some of the wonderful veggies but until then I am eating crunch and munch waiting for Sister Wives.  I do wonder when someone will snap this little lady up!

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