Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 14

Sorry for the delay.  Teen Dad is on.  Thrilling.  I hate to admit I love these shows but honestly the fathers view on lady drama is something lacking.  Sullen boys looking stupidly into the camera really isn't as dramatic as an over tanned she-devil beating the crap out of a 350lb boyfriend.  Sadly I think Amber will someday run this world, just voted in so we don't have to hear her voice daily.  The White House will be pink and spray tans will be law.

Today was a not bad food day.  I tried to be more organized and took the good sweet potato dip for lunch with some veggies.  Most of the office (you know who you ball lickers are) got Mc Donalds.  It smelled good but then I thought about the last time I had a good go of the scoots and felt semi better about my choice of veggies.  Still, I would have sniffed a hand if they let me. 

I don't feel too bad really.  I need to be more organized and for sure I need to get a hair cut.  At some point this weekend I really need to think about making a food plan for the finishing weeks of this challenge.

Oh, last night I talked to a girl I used to work with that I really don't know.  She's a nurse and was in Toronto but moving back to London.  She's quit her job to do some third party marketing health thing...much like the shakes I do.  We talked about my health issues and she now wants to meet to talk about how she can help me.  Great.  She's going to try and fix me.  Chicks.

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