Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Day 19

Cat on a roof.  That's what I woke up to at 630.  My useless cat was on my roof jumping from my house to the neighbours.  I have no idea where this cat gets his energy.  Wait, maybe it's the can of chicken dinner I opened up for him.  I also got to come home to him trapped in his collar and freaked out.

Today was a good day for food.  Well, there was an issue.  I was running late, you know cat on the roof and all so I got an Egg Mc Muffin.  I asked for no meat.  Just egg and cheese.  Well, I get to work and it has ham on it.  I was so hungry.  I didn't want to cheat so I gave the ham to my co-worker then ate the rest.  Yes I'm sure I hate some ham juice in me (HA! Dirty) but I don't think it was cheating.  Trust me if I was cheating I would be dry humping a hot dog cart while eating ribs waiting for my hot dog to cook.  Wow, that would be good.

I have to tend to my cat...who is still upset.  I'm such a lesbian.

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