Friday, 16 September 2011

Day Eight

Passed the one week mark!  How did that happen?  Sadly today I was thinking about eating shrimp.  Does shrimp have parents?  I made an omelet with shrimp once.  Felt like the morning after staying at a gay mans house but it was wonderful!

Today was not the best day.  Home sick from work with the sore throat that has now moved into my nose.  At 4 am I sneezed out something the size of a large babies fist and it was game over.  I don't sneeze neatly, something always comes out so since I was a kid I have blocked sneezes.  At home alone I let them fly full force into a kleenex.  I can't imagine missing a sneeze at work and having the world look at my snot on my shirt all day. 

I did my usual sick person routine.  I cleaned.  At 630 I knew work was not going to happen, so like any normal person I put in a load of laundry, got out the hoover and bleached the bathroom.  By 8 I was cleaning the kitchen thinking "I should take out a roast or a chicken to cook all day."  This is how deep the meat goes.  Let me clean that up.  This is how much I think about meat.  I'm home, might as well cook something big and time consuming.  I would love to do a big dinner for those people who's family is far away who just want to eat, hang out and watch bad TV.  I'm slowly becoming my mother...

Aside from being home "resting" all day I did manage to make some roasted veggies and take a picture.  Sadly I can't find the cord for the camera to upload.  Balls.  I started with sweet potato, little regular potato, carrots, then added some red onion and close to the end added zucchini and mushrooms.  Was very good.  I hope all these extra veggies make this cold go away.

I have a ton of apples to use up and might figure out how to make some sort of a crisp or something tomorrow.  I'd make a hell of a house wife if this cold kept up.  That and I'd need a lady friend.  Not something that will be happening any time soon since I'm sitting here smelling like vicks in a tight white T-shirt with vicks on my feet.  (Don't judge, someone told me it works.)

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