Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 16

I had a thought earlier about what I was going to start with but that all changed when I went to take the garbage out.  Some back story...I live across from a church that is just down from this amazing Portuguese restaurant that was my last meal.  So, I open the front door and get a face full of the wonderful smells from the restaurant that I'm sure is working overtime making food for the after church crowd.  I think I might have humped the air a little.  Either way there was a little sadness and sexiness in my walk back into the house.

I got lots of good stuff today, cauliflower, turnips, veggies and some of those tiny cabbage things people hate.  I don't mind them and since my new goal seems to be to make my gas worse and worse each day, this should help.  For dinner, I almost wasn't in the mood to eat so I left it a little late and ended up having beans and potatoes.  Lame!  I know, you would think with all the stuff I got today I would make something wonderful.  Not so much.  Tomorrow for sure!  I plan to kind of cook for the week.

Right now I'm watching the food network.  Mistake today was watching a whole show on bacon.  They have something called bacon salt!  Anything can taste like bacon.  Bacon lip balm!  I know...wrong, yet you kinda want to do it.  I'd kiss that off a homeless man!  Maybe I need to not watch the food network anymore.  I just had a debate with myself about adding "Sex with Lynn Crawford on a butcher block" to my bucket list.  Aside from this not really being in the cards unless I win the lottery, Lynn and I are not getting any younger and butcher block sex would not be ideal for my back.  I'm a realist.

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