Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day Ten

Today I tried to pluck a nose hair for over an hour.  I'm becoming my father. 
Tonight will be a short one as I'm sick, tired and a little pissy.  It could be lack of meat, the sickness or my impending period.  I could change the blog  to "Off meat and on my period" but there goes my male readers.  Maybe not. 

I've kicked the cat out early and need to get some sleep before I try and go to work tomorrow.  Lets hope I get better soon so I can come up with some veggie friendly food.

Oh, found a great joke today about Pam Anderson today that really fits!

Pamela Anderson is in the Big Brother house. Apparently she’s vegan, although I’ve seen a video that would suggest otherwise.

Who doesn't love a good joke about Tommy Lee's cock?!?!

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